Erich Broz

Erich Broz, an esteemed instructor for FSR (Field Safety Representative) Renewals, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the realm of electrical safety and code compliance. With an impressive background as a former TSBC (Technical Safety BC) Electrical Safety Officer and BC Electrical Code Instructor, Erich has dedicated 45 years of his professional life to the electrical industry.

As a seasoned expert, Erich Broz not only possesses a comprehensive understanding of electrical systems but also excels in imparting this knowledge to others. His tenure as a TSBC Electrical Safety Officer underscores his commitment to ensuring and promoting safety standards within the industry. Erich's in-depth familiarity with the BC Electrical Code further solidifies his expertise, making him an invaluable resource for individuals seeking to renew their FSR certifications.

Erich Broz's instructional approach is marked by a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights derived from decades of hands-on experience. His engaging teaching style fosters an environment where participants can grasp complex concepts with ease, enabling them to stay abreast of the latest regulations and safety protocols.

Those fortunate enough to attend Erich Broz's FSR Renewals course can expect to benefit not only from his extensive industry knowledge but also from his passion for instilling a culture of safety and compliance. With Erich at the helm, participants can confidently navigate the intricacies of electrical safety, gaining renewed certifications and enhancing their proficiency in the electrical field.

Course Information

Erich did an excellent job. He was professional and made the course enjoyable. His demeanor was very coureous and approachable, and he encouraged questions and interaction. I felt welcome heard whenever I had a comment or question. The content was extensive, yet he was able to cover everything without it feeling rushed.

- Ken G.

I have been an electrician for 40 years receiving my certification in 1983. I was pleasantly surprised at how much new technical knowledge I learned today.

- Gordon J.

The course was done well. Enjoyed and thankful for the information. The zoom worked well as well, was able to digest the information that was provided.

- Drew

The course was laid out and easy to follow. Information was very pertinent and informative. Zoom presentations are not always that easy with some older attendee's like myself but Eric managed it well.

- Lonnie

I found the course very useful. The detail in which the changes were covered was done very well. As an FSR that now only works in the industrial field it was nice to go over the changes that deal with the residential side. I will be recommending the course to the electricians on my site.

- Derek

Very good presentation! Erich had good knowledge of the content and was easy to follow along with. He encouraged participation and questions. I simply enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.

- Doug